Fairy-tale Workshop

We will address the conference theme of Alone & Together through the medium of storytelling. I will tell some traditional tales and together we will explore their possible meanings, both personal and collective, through the playful lens of the imagination.
Fairy tales usually start with a crisis, where some radical change is needed. We too are living in a period of social upheaval where the old norms are being profoundly challenged.
And, fairytales are subversive ! They examine our human dilemmas from the other end of the telescope ! So be prepared for some insights and surprises !
Once you have chosen your particular workshop we ask you to commit to that workshop for the weekend. If you are at home with family, maybe create a personal space where there will be no interruptions.
I look forward to welcoming you to the Fairytale workshop. No expertise is necessary. Just bring yourself and your pen and paper and we can begin !