Music Workshop

The music workshop at Champernowne this year will have a different format to previous years. If you have attended this workshop previously you will have been able to enjoy engaging in live improvised music making. Unfortunately, as this year’s course is online, it is not possible to share music making in this way. Online sound has delay and therefore means it is impossible to play with others. However….!
…This year’s workshop will take the focus of sharing music as it has moved, affected and touched us in our lives. During the pandemic, many people have commented about how music has ‘got them through’…it has been something to hold on to when apart from others, to listen to and evocative of feelings and memories. Music has a visceral capacity to express feeling states, and also to influence mood and emotion.
In light of this, I would ask you as a workshop participant to choose three short (about 3 minutes max) pieces of music which have been significant at particular junctures in your own life. These could be times of difficulty, or of strength, or transition…basically, any point in your life journey where perhaps a song might have resonated your experience, or an extract of classical music might have sustained you, or a band you heard online has expressed something meaningful for you. Musical choices will not be ‘judged’ in any sense and all genres will be welcomed!
In the workshop we shall listen to eachother’s musical selections, and think about the music chosen. We can open our minds and our ears to the experiences of others, and perhaps feel some togetherness in music. As a music therapist I will enable this workshop group to explore functions of the music (such as its melody, rhythm, timbre etc), discovering what it is about these pieces that works so well for us. Ultimately I would like to compile a Champernowne playlist using some of the music we generate together that we can share with the rest of the course. This would be a resource for others to draw on, comprising of musical material for health and wellbeing.
All that is required is for you to select your three pieces, and be able to share within the group how this music has touched, moved, or influenced you. Ideally if you could let me have choices in advance I will be able to locate them online so that in the workshops we can enjoy a shared experience of listening together to your choices. I look forward to meeting with you, and to sharing our music.