Qi Gong – Sort of TAI CHI

This gentle early morning session of mindful movement has been an (optional) feature of our in-person summer events for more than thirty years.

This approach is called Qigong, which means “energy work.” It take many forms: Tai Chi is one of the most familiar; its principles are simple, but its choreography is complex. The form we use is called The Five Elements is more easily assimilated.

You can regard it as merely an undemanding way to get your body moving, as an exercise in grounding , centring and body awareness, or as a mode of moving meditation, assisting in the union of Heaven and Earth in your own field of awareness..

We will, do some easy movements to warm up, ground and centre ourselves.
Then we will explore the sequence of movements related to the Five Elements: Fire, Water, Wood, Metal/Gold, Earth, not forgetting Heaven, the Tiger and the Mountain.

No previous experience or skill is required, there’s nothing to memorise. All you need to do is follow, playfully, within your own capacity.

About me
While I am a long-time student of both Qigong and Tai Chi, I do not claim to the title of Teacher. All the same, I very much enjoy sharing my practice. I have been leading the sessions at Champernowne courses for about fifteen years.