Social Dreaming Matrix

Dreams have the potential to reveal the hidden messages of the collective unconscious. In a Social Dreaming Matrix, the host Lindsey Harris will convene a group of participants, and together we create a distinctive atmosphere of respect for dreams. In a boundaried setting within a closed online group, the Dream Matrix allows participants, if they feel moved, to tell a dream spontaneously, and without personal interpretation. No preparation is needed. A quality of reverence is experienced in the Matrix, even if you are not moved to speak. Afterwards in the dream dialogue, we discuss and reflect consciously on what these dreams reveal about human lives and our present world.
The Dream Matrix will start on time at 8am and will be restricted to 16 people on a first-come-first-served basis. I will admit people from 7.50am, and no late entries will be possible after 8.00am. If you arrive and the session has started or it is full, we have arranged “Dream Tables” in the lounge area where you can share dreams with others informally.