The Art Studio

There will be an online art studio running throughout the weekend where you can spontaneously drop in and out at the times shown on the timetable. We envisage this as a quiet working space to gather while making your own personal work in your own space. We encourage you to leave your microphone on so as we quietly work away, we can hear the noises of art materialising. This is of course optional as is working with your art work in sight or out of sight of the camera and other participants. You can choose to turn your microphone off if you want.
Catriona and Clee will be in their studio spaces, and have their cameras positioned so you can see their work in response to the theme as it manifests in the space. We expect there will be a little bit of talk from time to time as people drop in and out of the studio about what materials to use and how you might begin and there is absolutely no need for any previous experience.
You can use any art materials you want to or have at home. In the various lockdowns it has been necessary at times to re-familiarise ourselves with what is at home and we suggest this may be a good starting place. We suggest bringing a few things that you feel drawn to, which could be as simple as cardboard boxes, thread, wool, paper, pens and pencils, or basic paints which could be children’s readymix or household paint. Similarly household brushes, sponges and rollers or anything else you can find is completely suitable.
Essentially anything you can make a mark with or on is good. You may want to get some clay or bring natural objects in from outside to work with and upon. If you are already familiar with art making of course bring whatever you feel like.