Voice Workshop

Singing together has always been an integral part of Champernowne courses and I have been very much a part of that since 1996. I believe we all can sing but I am aware, not everyone feels so sure! In our three sessions during the weekend I will help you explore your singing voice which may have been “mothballed” during this pandemic or even before that! If you choose the voice workshop you will be asked to commit to all three sessions. During them, you will have an opportunity to share your vocal experience whether positive or negative in our supportive group. I will help you develop more connection to your voice with breathing exercises, basic vocalising and simple songs. Thinking of our theme, “Alone and together”, of course you will be alone in your room, where it would be good if you are able to make uninhibited noises. We will also be together as a group as we explore and develop your vocal confidence and, I sincerely hope, have some fun!