Lindsey Harris – Social Dreaming Matrix

Lindsey is a Jungian analyst and UKCP-registered psychotherapist working in private practice in Farnham, Surrey. She is a professional member of the Association of Jungian Analysts in London and has been a teacher of art and art history, an arts development officer in local government, a practicing artist, and occasional book illustrator. She has taught seminars in various Jungian subjects, including Eros and Psyche, the Great Mother, mandala painting, and the ancient art of alchemy. Dedicated to the power of the imagination to transform the psyche, Lindsey values all art forms for their capacity to express the energy, imagery and potential of the individual and of the collective; hence her long association with the Champernowne Trust. She loves the symbols of transformation found in ancient myths, alchemical illustrations, traditional folk song, and fairy tales from the collective unconscious.

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